Sunday, March 1, 2009

spreading communication
hilarious video about a drunk on a lawn mower.

This viral video sparked a conversation about how communications spreads.

The traditional conceptual model for creating any advertising or marketing communications message is the AIDA Model:

get Attention,
hold Interest,
arouse Desire,
obtain Action.


Integrated Marketing Communications - trying to get some feedback.
Often there is confusion between technology and relationship.
It’s all about relationships.

The way it should be:
People talking to each other

Tipping Point:
Kinds of people according to Gladwell, who help spread things:
Salespeople – able to persuade people, constantly sell (ideas, opinions, products)
Mavens – possess knowledge, pass it on to others
Connectors – know lots of people, connect

Not so sure this is true. Check Mark Earls – Herd

Communication: Spontaneous order – most of our communication takes place through spontaneous order
Example: Hush Puppie shoes in Soho. Was there really a leader?

Convergence of media that exists
“Convergence of culture” – e.g. Matrix, Survivor – people watching those shows create blogs, “spoilers”

15-18% of Americans have blogs
25% - critics – read blogs

Collectors – RSS feeds
Joiners – Facebook
Spectators – don’t interact, just look
Inactive – don’t care

Main Project:
Make everyone else curious
Think of storyteller
20 min. (at least)
PowerPoint/Keynote OK – as long as it’s only visual
(No words, bullets, etc.)
+ a couple of pages with points that you want a take-away to be.

Brianna Pinder
Elena Golovchanskaya
notes from curiosity class

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