Thursday, October 16, 2008


a couple of months ago i went to my high school reunion. the picture kind of sums it up. what is it that leads us to these events? a morbid curiosity or simply curiosity?
i must admit it was a great deal of fun. the first one i attended. much of the life dancing and pretense was gone. we had been through enough that the values had changed. and we learned that everyone, pretty much, was having a hard time when we were in high school. we just weren't close enough to deal with each other on that level.
perhaps something to remember when we are trying to talk to people who are of high school age. different priorities. seems obvious, but most parents in retrospect can realize it is hard to deal with teens with a state of mind that is in any way similar to theirs.
youth isn't wasted on the young; old age is wasted on those who can't remain youthful.
on to more reunions and more laughter.