Wednesday, February 20, 2008

animal curious

thinking back over the tv spots in the superbowl, most of the ones rated high by usa today had animals in them. what's that about? is it the time and we are looking for something softer? harder to like the spots that just had people in them?
the other day i was passing a huge house that was on fire as part of a training exercise for firefighters. people pulled off the freeway to stop and look and take pictures. flames at least 30 feet above the roof of the old 2 story house. and i wondered what that was about, fascination with a fire like that.
so writing animals into spots, pretty simple tho many of the spots in the superbowl were well written and thoughtful like the bud horse training ala rocky to be able to pull the wagon. and some just funny like the life water lizards dancing together. in most cases they hit an emotional note with people. and the fire was just plain fascination. so how do we combine those elements or understand what it is that strikes a cord with people and send messages that are fascinating and entertaining and thus reward people rather than interrupt and annyoy?

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