Friday, November 16, 2007

brand gap(s)

for those of you who want to read the next book in our quasi club and have been patient with me (ian, kelsey, heather); i suggested the brand gap. simple but some really good ideas. i particularly like his 3 questions, "who are you, what do you do and why does it matter?"
also some good ideas on naming.
and i await your responses on other things or concepts that might be of use to you in this book.


igaff said...

"Because it's the language of feeling, and, in a society that's information-rich and time-poor, people value feeling more than information."

Perception is by in large what you do or do not think a horse is. I loved his introduction about Plato and his conceptualization of the relationships between perception and reality, belief and fact.. and; how there is no world that exists unless it is seen by more than one being, because without that, everything is unidentifiable nothingness.

Anyways, it seems to me that the best way to connect someone to an idea is to abandon rationality. So, to teach someone that ice cools a burn, don't demonstrate the coldness of the ice... burn the observer.

"Benjamin Franklin, despite being a child of the Enlightenment, showed both intuition and insight when he observed: 'would you persuade, speak of interest, not of reason'".

One problem I have in his ppt. book is his notion of achieving creativity. The, now ironically un-original concept to zag when others zig. Although I agree completely that creativity hinders on originality... I do not think Neumeier talks about the necessity of understanding what it is to zig better than anyone else before you can ever zag efficiently (if he does mention that in detail, I am sorry, I read this a while ago and have forgotten the ebb and flow of the whole thing, take god for highlighters).

My example is a good stand-up comedian. The archetype for modern creativity and philosophical thought. Most comics tell stories, jokes about what they know. Martin Lawrence and Dave Chapelle about being black in America, Dane Cook about being an adventurous exaggerator, _____ about being a man/woman/American/sweaty/gay/jewish... They all understand their own zig so well, that they can tear it to shreads, and in turn, zag.

Which, to me explains why the ads of the year last year according to the One Club were Spike Tv's masturbating monkeys, Axe's get laid strategizers, and ManMom for what had to have been the worst snack ever made - combos. Why be serious when funny is an acknowledged sense of creativity. A representation of originality.

I talked too much again, but here's my favorite line in the book:

"They never did the same thing once"

curiosity said...

good stuff ian. what is creativity?

igaff said...

In god's honest truth, I have no idea. I have written several responses, but deleted them all because I don't think they're right. The only thing I can trust as a good response is that creativity is a single person's personal actions that are done beyond reproach or influence.

Someone who paints to be a painter and make money, I think is creative... But will have motivations, even if they are few and far between, to sell the work. I kind of attribute it to sports. Professionals are the best at what they do, but, why is it that they do at the pro level? To play? Or earn 32 million a year + bonus? Whereas kids, pop warner and even high school, play just because they can, and becuase they truly sacrifice to do so.

I also don't think people sacrifice for creativity anymore. Aside from music, I think the 'hobby' is becoming an afterthought. The hobby, is what I most of the time will attribute to someone as being creative or not.

Creativity isn't so much an original thought as it is a revolution against the contemporary, and even against original thought. It is a pure and passionate participation in something, anything. the way someone plants a tree could potentially be very creative, same as someone who conducts a symphony.

Finally, I think creativity is an infinite concept in the same terms as love is. You can't truly know if you have it unless that is how the world percieves you, and how you percieve yourself in the structure of society... which, makes it so damn hard to pinpoint.