Tuesday, December 18, 2007


i was working on repairing and replacing and adding fencing on my farm. the repairing began after a storm and when i inspected i realized how many areas of the fence over 25 acres were compromised. and as i was fixing things i thought about the importance of checking and repairing fencing on a regular basis; especially since a steer and a pony got out. to paraphrase frost, good fences make for good neighbors. but beyond that i thought of the old timers on farms around me. when the weather is bad; "too rough to work out side right now, good time to sharpen the saws." good idea to keep sharpening the saws and check the fence rather than scrambling to repair things that could have been prevented. much easier and more satisfying in the long run. and doesn't that pertain to work and relationships?
and as the thought, as simple and obvious as it is, crossed my mind, i looked up and saw the rainbow. no kidding. not a movie set. too corny even for most tv.

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