Friday, February 6, 2009


been quite cold here in nyc this week. but going to warm up.
every agency person we talked to said it's about digital. not just digital the internet but digital as it impacts the society. not just invading and annoying but adding fun to the environment. like changing colors on a building in tokyo for sony or an audience in a movie theater raising their hands and test driving a mini.
we all probably know these things but the thinking needs to be more expansive so we think in terms of that effect, not just what we know.

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jgartland33 said...

It is all about digital. But what I find interesting that is while technology has been pushing digital to help solve our craving for immediate information, certain players in the sports industry have begun to utilize their digital technologies to create new ways for sports enthusiasts to access historical sports information, sort of like an almanac but with endless information pertaining to everything sport.'s Vault and ESPN DB are just two properties invested in this new way of access information.

Trying to get people to think backwards by focusing on the past rather than the future, that might be a bigger challenge than expected. I wonder how and ESPN will market this new tech - educating gamblers, trivia buffs, etc?