Thursday, February 26, 2009

story telling

We had Mark Lewis come in to the Curiosity class. He has done voice work with Disney for animated movies and you can hear him an number of times at Disneyland in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He has also done a lot of other voice work and told stories for pay and for fun in many places around the world.
We wanted him to help students with the ability to present and tell a story.
Some of his points were;

It is important to understand that the story takes place BETWEEN the storyteller and the audience. It “happens in the now.”

What the teller says is heard by all but each individual is going to produce a different image within his/her own mind. This is the beauty of storytelling; it affects us all as a group and as single individuals at the same time.

Mark Lewis’s Tips for performing/presenting
1. BE afraid. Let the fear be a part of you and push you onto the stage instead of fighting it.
2. Once on the stage, ground yourself and BREATHE.
3. Look for the “angel” in the audience, that one person that is landing on your every word. This will capture the attention of others and lead them back to you.
4. Don’t worry about the person giving you the “hairy eye-ball.” You will probably never please them and lose the rest of the audience in the process of trying.
5. Know who the client is and DO NOT focus on them. Engaging everyone else will speak more about you than zoning in on one or a few people.
6. Remember: practice makes PERMANENT. If you practice it wrong, you will perform it wrong. Make sure to rehearse carefully, thoroughly, and correctly.

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